Chef Ron’s Lamb Meatballs

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Syrah Chef Ron Jardon has been the chef for all of our winemaker's dinners since our first dinner in the vineyard in 2009. His delicious recipes and knack for wine pairings has showcased our various vintages spectacularly and given us greater insight into the nuances of each wine. Using lamb from [...]

Chef Ron’s Lamb Meatballs2021-05-17T16:50:07-06:00

Salt-Baked Sea Trout

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Pinot Gris While our family eats very little meat, we have a particular fondness for fish. Salt-baking is one of the few ways that we've found to cook fish without it drying out, and is easy enough for us to attempt after a long day in the vineyard. This [...]

Salt-Baked Sea Trout2020-02-28T12:43:21-07:00

Elk Wellington

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Reserve Merlot Every year for a few weeks in late September and early October, our little valley sees an influx of hunters. With their bright orange caps and camouflage vests, they trek out into the aptly-named West Elks Mountains and return with their year's supply of elk and venison, then [...]

Elk Wellington2017-05-26T16:17:19-06:00


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