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Having lived on the vineyard since she was just under 2 years old, Stephanie grew up with grapes between her toes. She learned to drive a tractor in the rows at 5 and started helping with picking and pruning at 7. Now she is our web guru, assistant winemaker, and all around handy-woman. You might even meet her behind our tasting bar, if you happen to visit on a Sunday or Tuesday. Don’t forget to ask her about food pairings! She also creates many of the recipes you’ll find on this site.

Chef Ron’s Lamb Meatballs

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Syrah Chef Ron Jardon has been the chef for all of our winemaker's dinners since our first dinner in the vineyard in 2009. His delicious recipes and knack for wine pairings has showcased our various vintages spectacularly and given us greater insight into the nuances of each wine. Using lamb from [...]

Chef Ron’s Lamb Meatballs2021-05-17T16:50:07-06:00

Salt-Baked Sea Trout

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Pinot Gris While our family eats very little meat, we have a particular fondness for fish. Salt-baking is one of the few ways that we've found to cook fish without it drying out, and is easy enough for us to attempt after a long day in the vineyard. This [...]

Salt-Baked Sea Trout2020-02-28T12:43:21-07:00

Elk Wellington

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Reserve Merlot Every year for a few weeks in late September and early October, our little valley sees an influx of hunters. With their bright orange caps and camouflage vests, they trek out into the aptly-named West Elks Mountains and return with their year's supply of elk and venison, then [...]

Elk Wellington2017-05-26T16:17:19-06:00

Brent’s Almond Asparagus

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Chardonnay In the early spring, asparagus grows wild in the ditches and pastures surrounding the vineyards. When the time is right our family makes a yearly foraging excursion to collect asparagus from the surrounding area. Several pounds of asparagus are collected, washed and chopped. Then winemaker Brent works his [...]

Brent’s Almond Asparagus2020-02-28T12:46:47-07:00

The Garden Mongolian

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Gewurztraminer Using our family's Norwegian lefse griddle, we turn our kitchen into a temporary Mongolian grill, with everyone gathered around the hot griddle to cook their personal selections from our garden. This is a great meal to showcase your finds at a local farmer's market, or the produce of [...]

The Garden Mongolian2020-02-28T12:39:41-07:00

Spicy Shrimp and Asparagus

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Pinot Gris Shrimp and garlic with a little bit of spice and the refreshing crunch of fresh asparagus make this the perfect pairing for our summery Pinot Gris. This is one of our favorite outdoor meals, to be eaten at sunset beneath the maple trees in our front yard. [...]

Spicy Shrimp and Asparagus2020-02-28T12:50:03-07:00

Basil Pesto Pinwheels

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Merlot These delicious little morsels are one of our favorite Merlot pairings. The basil in the pesto brings out the dark berry flavors in our high-altitude Merlot. Easy to bake, they make a great party food or quick appetizer, or a side for a big Italian meal. Try these [...]

Basil Pesto Pinwheels2020-02-28T12:51:42-07:00

Apple Roses

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Dessert Wine Although our Alpine Dessert Wine can be sipped on its own for dessert, its high alcohol content is better managed with accompanying food. There are many versions of this dish, but the nutmeg and apricot jam in our version bring out the fruit and spice in the [...]

Apple Roses2020-02-28T12:53:22-07:00

Simple Caesar Salad

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Chardonnay A long-time family favorite, the recipe for this salad dressing has been memorized by everyone in our house. For our family, we sometimes add green olives and omit the salt for a bit of a twist on this favorite. Often served with marinated chicken or tofu, this salad makes [...]

Simple Caesar Salad2020-02-28T12:54:37-07:00

North Fork Uncorked

June 20th-21st North Fork Valley Uncorked 2015 Father’s Day! Be one of the first to taste all of the new releases from the valley wineries. Wine pairings, free tastings and barrel tastings at selected wineries.

North Fork Uncorked2015-06-27T00:44:13-06:00

Manicotti with Red Wine Tomato Sauce

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Merlot Our family LOVES Italian food. Pasta and pizza are our go-to dishes, no matter the season. This delicious manicotti takes a little more time and preparation than simple spaghetti or pizza, but it is well worth the effort! It's also highly customizable - make it vegan by replacing the [...]

Manicotti with Red Wine Tomato Sauce2020-02-28T12:56:25-07:00

Acorn Squash Ravioli with Rosemary Cream Sauce

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Pinot Noir. Born of a family-wide love of ravioli and an overabundance of acorn squash, this delicious pairing goes wonderfully with our Pinot Noir. The sweetness of our Alpine Dessert wine (used in the sauce) pairs nicely with the natural sweetness of home-grown squash to bring out warm, [...]

Acorn Squash Ravioli with Rosemary Cream Sauce2020-02-28T13:00:16-07:00


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