Chef Ron’s Lamb Meatballs

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Syrah Chef Ron Jardon has been the chef for all of our winemaker's dinners since our first dinner in the vineyard in 2009. His delicious recipes and knack for wine pairings has showcased our various vintages spectacularly and given us greater insight into the nuances of each wine. Using lamb from [...]

Chef Ron’s Lamb Meatballs2021-05-17T16:50:07-06:00

Brent’s Almond Asparagus

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Chardonnay In the early spring, asparagus grows wild in the ditches and pastures surrounding the vineyards. When the time is right our family makes a yearly foraging excursion to collect asparagus from the surrounding area. Several pounds of asparagus are collected, washed and chopped. Then winemaker Brent works his [...]

Brent’s Almond Asparagus2020-02-28T12:46:47-07:00

Basil Pesto Pinwheels

Pairs with Stone Cottage Cellars Merlot These delicious little morsels are one of our favorite Merlot pairings. The basil in the pesto brings out the dark berry flavors in our high-altitude Merlot. Easy to bake, they make a great party food or quick appetizer, or a side for a big Italian meal. Try these [...]

Basil Pesto Pinwheels2020-02-28T12:51:42-07:00


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