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Announcing the new release of our Étude Rouge Red Wine for the holidays.
Very limited quantities of this wine – only 25 cases total.

Out of stock



Production: 25 cases

In the Vineyard

This delightful red blend is a winemaker’s étude, a study in flavors and aromas. A floral component is contributed by one varietal, dark fruit and pepper by another, and structure by yet another. The very subtle influence of neutral oak barrels unifies the blend with a slight vanilla overtone. Enjoy with family, good friends and everyday, homemade fare.

Brix: 22-27
pH: 3.1-3.6
Titratable Acidity: 5.0-7.8

In the Cellar

Serendipity! – a happy, chance event.  When pressing Pinot Noir, there was a little more than could fit in barrel.  Into a spare tank it goes.  Extra Syrah – into the same tank,  Merlot that doesn’t fit – into the tank.  Forgotten, the components meld unseen.  The next harvest approaches.  The tank is needed.  A quick taste to confirm the decision to discard the leftovers.  But no, this tastes good.  Into the barrel it goes.  Two years of care and aging yield a Serendipitous Study in Red, or Etude Rouge.


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