Rose of Pinot Noir (SOLD OUT)

Rose of Pinot Noir (SOLD OUT)


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The strawberry and raspberry notes you expect from quality Pinot Noir but offered in a much finer structure.  The Rose’ is 100% Pinot Noir fermented dry, and barrel aged in our oldest, neutral French oak barrels.  Served cool, it is a refreshing antidote to summertime heat, pairing well with salads, fresh fruit, and light cheese.  Served at red temperature, the Pinot Noir character shines, pairing with heavier cheeses, lighter meats and mushroom dishes.
Pairs with: Acorn Squash Ravioli with Rosemary Cream Sauce

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Production: 170 cases

In the Vineyard

The 2014-2015 winter was very mild with no late frosts, offering a large crop. Throughout the summer, warm temperatures during the day were balanced by our cool alpine nights. The vines on both vineyards would have struggled to ripen a full crop. Therefore, again, the decision to drop a quarter of the crop on the ground at veraison. Grapes from both vineyards were harvested late from October 28th through the 31st.

In the Cellar

For the Rose’, we disassembled a portion of our crusher to allow destemming without crushing the berries, giving us what looked like vats of blueberries awaiting their yeast. The resulting whole berry fermentation took longer to complete, but preserved the delicate berry aromas the vineyard had given us. Nine separate vats fermented for 19 days, peaking at 65 F.  An extended cold soak at 45 F pushed the final pressing out until December 11.
Brix: 21-23
pH: 3.59-3.63
Total Acidity: 5.0-5.5 g/l
Flavor very delicate, seeds fully ripe, juice temp 50 F.
The vats chosen for Rose’ were selected early and transferred to our oldest neutral barrels. Following nearly 2 years of barrel age, in November of 2017, we bottled the wine for an early 2018 release.