Syrah 2021


Spicy, soft and full-bodied, the 2021 Syrah opens with black fruit giving way to warm butter and baking spices, followed by a toasty coffee finish.  This wine has a lower acidity than most of our other wines and shines both as a sipping wine or paired with cured meats, light barbecue, and smoked Gouda cheese.



Syrah 2021

Production: 215 cases

In The Vineyard

The impact of the October 2020 freeze, and the subsequent decimation of the Colorado wine grape crop, is becoming evident in the wines we have available. The Syrah vineyards we have sourced grapes from for the last 2 decades produced no crop. For the first time since we began, we have had to source fruit from outside of Colorado. We selected eastern Washington Syrah to most closely match our high elevations and mountain climate and received 8,200 lbs of grapes on September 27.
Brix: 23.5-24
pH: 3.65-3.74
Titratable Acidity: 6.4-6.7 g/l

In the Cellar

The grapes arrive via refrigerated truck and are immediately crushed and inoculated. Numbers at crush.

The juice is co-inoculated with yeast and malolactic bacteria. The primary fermentation peaks at 85 degrees and completes on October 13. Following a 5 day cold-soak, and blending in tank, the wine is transferred to barrel. Nearly 11 months of barrel age in American oak smoothens and softens the wine. The dark fruit, smokiness and slight peppery finish are on display and the wine is moved from barrel and blended in tank for bottling and release in late September 2022.


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